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Elite Charter Services

When you use our charter services, you have the ability to fly on your own schedule and customize the details of the flight to your unique preferences.

Our private charter clients continue to choose JETZHUB because of our attention to the personal details in their lives, which makes all the difference. There is a lot of competition in the market, but we see our clients first as honored guests, and every other time after that, as a part of our family. Since we began operations, we have accommodated both small families and large groups, and everything in between. As a one stop-solution to air travel we offer unprecedented support at worldwide destinations, ensuring the organization of luggage and expedited travel of groups to and through airports for all destinations.
Our specialization in providing private jet, cargo aircraft and helicopter services has been central to our foundation. We also serve a coveted role in the larger global community and are honored to be trusted enough to provide medical evacuation services and human relief chartering services to international hospitals and organizations.