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About JetzHub

As the name implies, JetzHub is a bespoke Flight service company that offers flawless charter solutions and all associated services by ensuring optimum safety, privacy, luxury, comfort and facilitation in the air and on the ground.
We take care of all your Flight service requirements. We provide world class flight support services to our customers including private jets, Air freight services, Handling, Permits and other associated services. From ad hoc charter to aircraft sales, acquisitions, management and operation. We are committed to provide excellent customer service with our team in Saudia and Dubai, working 24/7.
A charter flight is a special flight arranged for an individual or a group or company as per their request. This is based on an agreement signed by the charterer and operator providing the flight. Type of aircraft depends on the requirements of customer.
We are available 24/7 to serve our customer requirements.
Yes, we can provide all type of aviation and concierge services to our clients worldwide.
Of course, yes, we can provide acquisition and aircraft management services without any hassle.
We feel that privacy and security are inseparable. Except for government and related authorities, no information concerning our valuable customers, such as identity, trip itinerary, passenger list or their private jet transactions is divulged to anyone not specifically authorized in writing by the customer or their designated representatives.
A slot is an authorization to either take-off or land at a particular airport on a particular day during a specified time period. This authorization is for a planned aircraft operation and is distinct from air traffic control clearance or similar authorizations.
As a dedicated JetzHub Advisor, we can provide the client with tailormade services like updating on our clients on next schedules available, empty legs, new fleets, cost efficient travels, new destinations, inform them regarding different country restrictions…etc. They will be available 24/7 to meet the client requirements.
JetzHub Advisors provide exclusive services to their clients with utmost flexibility. Our advisors are available 24/7 to meet any queries. We do follow up calls to ensure that our services are up to the standards and take the feedback to improve every time. We make sure that our clients are well taken care off incase of any disruptions or delays or other unprecedented occurrences.
Our corporate office is located in Business Bay, Dubai, UAE. We also have our exclusive branch in Saudi Arabia.
We have clients around the world which includes Government agencies, Royal and Ruling families, HNWI, Embassies, Banks, Multinational corporate companies, airlines, operators, direct customers etc.

Quotations and Booking

⦁ You can get an instant quote through our website or app
⦁ You will get a summary with the most suitable aircrafts for your need along with the most affordable prices
⦁ Choose your aircraft type and confirm along with the billing address
⦁ Sign your charter contract and execute the payment
⦁ Provide passenger list and other documents required.
⦁ Also, you can directly contact us on any requirements, we are available 24/7

⦁ You can submit the requirement either through the website, app or direct through email or call (available 24/7).
⦁ You will receive a reply with all the aircraft options as per the requirements and their prices
⦁ Choose your aircraft and confirm the billing address
⦁ Sign your contract, execute payment and your booking is done.

Private jets are aircrafts with limited baggage capacity customized for specific customer needs. Cabin luggage is not advised as aircraft doesn’t have standup cabins. Luggage limitations will be provided to the client based on the type of aircraft they choose.
Yes, of course we can, all type of arrangements including hotels, yacht services, pick and drops etc. can be arranged as per customer requirement. We have our exclusive agents to deal with every service the client needs.
Yes, we do. JetzHub is one stop provider for all the client requirements. We are providing our clients with all the options for a flexible and comfortable journey. Our team is happy to assist with any requirements of the client anywhere in the world.
Travel is limitless and hassle free with JetzHub. You can choose any airports as per your convenience and we will be there at your service.
You have to make the advance payment once you have confirmed the price and type of aircraft you require. We have our bank accounts in USD, EUR, AED and SAR, for your convenience and will be able to assist you with any kind difficulties in transactions.
Once you have placed the requirement, our team will access the requirement considering the best option possible as per your budget and convenience. We will provide you with all the options and will give you a brief on type and associated cost along with the aircraft suitability.
A minimum of 5 working days is required for making a reservation as we need to process all the necessary documents for your travel well in advance to avoid any kind of delay in your trip. Your time is valuable to us.

Charter cost depends on various factors,
⦁ Sector
⦁ Type of aircraft
⦁ Number of passengers
⦁ Type of flight (Diplomatic clearances)
⦁ Existing Fuel prices
⦁ Handling costs
⦁ Permits etc.


⦁ Passport copy
⦁ Valid Visa (if visiting another country)
⦁ COVID results (validity as specified by the countries)

Once you have booked the flight our team will be in touch with you to keep you updated on all the details that you should know while travelling.

⦁ Can be arranged on short notice
⦁ Flexibility
⦁ Cost efficiency
⦁ Can choose empty legs

On-demand charter is the most flexible charter option where the client gets an aircraft on short notice and with utmost flexibility. You can charter the ideal aircraft for your specific trip with as little as 4hour prior notice.
Re-routed empty leg, is an empty leg diverted from its original course to pick and drop passengers.

⦁ It eliminates the spontaneous nature of private jet, with specific airports, destination and departure times.
⦁ It does not offer the flexibility to travel as per customer requirement as it totally depends on the live leg, departure, crew rest..etc.
⦁ Advance planning not possible with empty legs, totally depends on the original passenger requirement

Affordable because these are trips originally planned for another client and one of the leg the leg is empty. Airline will charge the client for whole round trip and the empty leg doesn’t have much operational cost as far as operator is concerned, so they will provide those empty legs at cheaper prices.
When an aircraft is booked to pickup a client or drop off usually the departure or return leg would be ferry, this is called as empty leg of a one-way private chartered flight.
Aircraft is considered as the safest form of long-distance transport. While boarding an aircraft you are entering an highly regulated world, crewed by highly trained people, separated by highly trained air traffic controllers that is full of safety measures. Many of these safety measures are not obvious to the typical passenger.

Depending on the forecast we will reach any of the below conclusion: –
⦁ Delay the flight
⦁ Cancel the flight
⦁ If already airborne and if there is a sudden change in weather, then we will consult the nearest ATC and will plan a diversion.

Removal of any frozen or semi frozen moisture from the critical external surfaces of the aircraft on the ground prior to the flight.
A charter broker company provides their client with offers on private jet charter services from an operator. The broker act as a middle man between the client and operator/owner.

One-way flight: –
Flight booked as per the request from client to pick or drop off. The other leg would be ferry.
Empty leg: –
The client utilizes a particular sector on a flight which is originally booked for another client on a much cheaper price. They utilize the ferry sector.

Commercial jets are considered to be cheaper because they can take bulk passengers at a lower operating cost, private jets/charters provide aircraft with similar price with more flexible options and comfort.
We cannot specifically say that flying commercial is much cheaper as it totally depends on the type of passenger and their need.
Private aircrafts always have the flexibility to fly to any destination in the world without much restrictions
For people who consider Time as money, private jet is the best possible option which provide flexibility and value for their money.


Most of the aircrafts are Non-smoking but, some aircrafts operators allowed the smoking with additional charge for the interior cleaning.
Yes, most of the private and commercial aircraft have toilets. Some of the bigger commercial corporate jets like BBJ and ACJ have bedroom and shower as well.
Yes, you can, need special approvals to carry them.
A crew who is trained and certified with the respective Civil Aviation to perform inflight duties.
Either the dedicated FBO, VIP terminal or General Aviation Terminal (GAT) where we have our dedicated team to assist the passengers.
Aircraft Owner or operator with a commercial Aircraft Operation Certificate (AOC) to operate the flight.
Wi-Fi is available on most of the private jets, mobile phones are not allowed to use during the take-off and landing, must be kept on either switch off or airplane mode. Luxurious services will be provided on board including VIP catering.
Yes, most of the private jets will have a flight attendant on board. However some light jets will not be able to accommodate a flight attendant due to the size of the aircraft and short sector operation.

Cargo and Shipping

Yes, we have done and we are doing cargo flights.
With our combined experience of 22 years in aviation we have exclusive link with operators worldwide. JetzHub can provide any type of Cargo aircrafts and make arrangements at exclusive prices.
Depending on customer requirement we gave them more flexible options to move their Cargo to any part of the world.

It depends totally on the type of cargo to be loaded. Normally 3 working days.
Cargo flights can be arranged on short notices. CAA of different countries issues permits upon their standard terms which includes minimum working days to process. Apart from that there won’t be any issues to arrange the charter flights.

Any type of aircraft can be arranged as per client request and nature of cargo.
We have exclusive deals with the operators all over the world.

Totally depends on the type of aircraft and its interior dimensions. Any type and size of cargo can be accommodated as per the aircraft capacity and design.
Once request is received we will evaluate the type of requirements and will give aircraft options accordingly.

We can arrange everything for you. We have our exclusive agents working all over the world to support all the client requirement.
Once requests are received it is our responsibility to keep our client hassle free by proving all sorts of solutions and advise that they require.

Yes, off course we can. Depending on the sensitivity of cargo and client requirements we can arrange aircrafts.
All sorts of aviation services are available with us. 
JetzHub is a one-stop solution for all the business aviation requirements.

Aircraft Owner

At JetzHub we know that owning, operating and managing a private jet can be a challenge. JetzHub offers the perfect solution; we manage and operate the aircraft on your behalf. We aim to make the entire experience easy, taking care of all the essential tasks and maintaining the highest standards at all times.
In other words, we look at the details of aircraft management while you enjoy the benefits.
We work in accordance with strict international regulations. When collaborating with JetzHub, you can rest assured your aircraft will achieve optimum performance and safety standards.

In order to optimize the travelling expenses the investor and aircraft owner can use an aircraft whenever needed which gives a new definition of flexibility and independence while planning business and private trips. Based on a professional chartering to third parties there will be additional calculable rentals.
We believe in long term relationships, ensuring your asset performs for your best long-term benefit.
Our service team is available 24/7 to assist you with your aircraft needs. We will ensure the smooth operations of your aircraft worldwide

Having another question?

Whether you’re a new client looking to book your first private flight or someone we have worked with on a regular basis, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible about our service and private aviation, contact us via our official channels (email, phone) our team is available 24/7 to support you.